About the Festival

Has life got you a bit down? Feeling a bit lethargic and lacking energy? Then why not try RUNNING WITH BULLS! Yes that’s right, your time has finally come and that secret desire of running with real bulls can now be fulfilled. Put away the passport to Spain because The Super Bull Festival is in town.


Running with Bulls4Direct from a ranch in South Texas, 60 of the freest, range loving, hand-picked bulls have been selected for this very special event. Not as mean as their Spanish counterparts, but just as keen, these bulls have been specially chosen to minimize the risk of injury while at the same time giving you a genuine heart pounding heck of a good time. 12 bulls will run in each race, giving you ample opportunity to finally live that dream we just mentioned you secretly had … remember?






La Tomatina Truck with PeopleOn the other hand, if you’re not the type to just go off running with bulls then there’s still plenty of excitement to get you all fired up. The Super Bull Festival is a daylong extravaganza of fun, live bands, great food and for those over 21, icy cold brews. You’ll also have the opportunity to get down and messed up in the totally outrageous and awesome La Tomatina Battle. If you’re not afraid of tomatoes and love a great food fight, then this isn’t to be missed. So why not sign up for both, join in or sit back and watch.



So whatever pushes your buttons, you’re sure to recharge the batteries at this electrifying, heart pounding, hoof stomping and tomato mushing, magical, mayhem event.