Are the Bulls mistreated in any way?

The answer to this is an emphatic No! The bulls aren't harmed in any way and the event in no way encourages the harming of animals. The bulls come from a free range ranch, which is like bull paradise and whilst in our care, are treated with compassion and respect. Veterinarians are on site at all events to make sure the bulls are fit; healthy and well looked after before, during and after each run. We make a point of using the same bulls for all events, so they become used to the people working with them and are accustomed to the event environment. All of our events are held on grass or dirt to help prevent the bulls and runners from slipping during the run and each bull only runs twice during the event, over a quarter mile. When the event is over the bulls are returned to the open fields of the ranch. Everyone at The Super Bull Festival is totally committed to the health and well being of all animals and the bulls in the event are certainly no exception. We welcome any constructive feedback or questions on animal welfare.

Is running with bulls dangerous?

Many things we do have an element of danger and running with bulls is no different. Things can go wrong in any extreme sport but all precautions are taken to minimize risk. Without some risk there is no thrill, so when you participate in the run you accept the risks involved with running with bulls. The course is designed to minimize risk by allowing participants to get out of the way and reduce slipping. The bulls used are less aggressive so if you don't take extra risks by being irresponsible then you're less like to be injured. Medics are on site to treat any injuries that may occur and a mandatory insurance fee on registration has you covered.

In the past 102 years of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, there have been only fifteen deaths and with significantly more safety precautions implemented for The Super Bull Festival, we hope to reduce the risk of injury or death, even further.

What are the rules for running with the bulls at The Super Bull Festival?

  • Runners must be at least 18 years old on the day of the run to participate. A valid government ID is required.
  • Don’t hit, slap, harass or mistreat the bulls in any way.
  • Don’t drink any alcohol before running.
  • Don’t intentionally impede the progress of the bulls or other runners.
  • Don’t carry anything while running.
  • Runners must wear appropriate clothing for running and closed-toe footwear.
  • The track is a one-way street. Don’t stop or go backwards.
  • Once you exit the track, you can’t re-enter for any reason.
  • If you fall down, stay down and cover your head until the bulls pass. This isn’t guaranteed to protect you, but it’s your best chance of avoiding a serious injury.
  • Spectators can’t climb, stand or sit on the track fencing.
  • Every track is different. It’s each runner’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the layout prior to the run in order to complete the run as safely as possible.
  • Failure to follow any of these rules or the instructions of the event staff will result in your immediate removal from the entire The Super Bull venue.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Go to Locations and then click the event you’d like to enter. Click REGISTER and select your ticket option: Volunteer, Spectator, Tomato Battle or The Super Bull Run. Check below to see what each ticket includes. If you’re signing up for the Bull Run or La Tomaina Battle, you’ll need to choose the time you want to participate, as both events are held several times throughout the day. Complete the remainder of the on line registration form and submit your payment.

If I register as a runner what does it include?

  • Participation in one running of the bulls.
  • Participation in one La Tomatina Battle food fight.
  • Access to the day-long festival featuring great bands, great food, fun games and ice cold beer. (Beer for those over 21)
  • Access to all spectator areas for both The Super Bull Run and La Tomatina Battle
  • One Super Bull t-shirt.
  • One Super Bull Festival bandanna – Exclusively for Bull Runners!
  • One beer. (over 21)

What does the La Tomatina Battle registration include?

  • Participation in one La Tomatina Battle food fight
  • Access to the day-long festival featuring great bands, great food, fun games and ice cold beer. (for those over 21)
  • Access to all spectator areas for both The Super Bull Run and La Tomatina Battle.
  • One La Tomatina Battle T-shirt.
  • One beer. (over 21)

What does the spectator registration include?

All venues have excellent spectator viewing areas consisting of stands, bleachers and standing room next to The Super Bull Festival track and La Tomatina Battle arena! Come out and cheer on your friends and family as they participate in the craziest day of their lives, then celebrate with them in the massive day-long festival featuring great bands, tasty food, fun games and cold beer! Children 13 and under get in free!

What does the volunteer registration include?

Volunteer for either the AM or PM shift and you’ll get to participate in The Super Bull Festival and/or La Tomatina Battle for FREE! Choose the PM shift if you want to run/battle in the morning or the AM shift if you want to run/battle in the afternoon. Click here for the full details.

What happens if it pours rain?

The event will not be canceled for rain! If there’s severe weather that prevents the event from being held at all on Saturday, it’ll be moved to Sunday. If the severe weather persists throughout Sunday, the event will be rescheduled for Monday.

Can I bring along my K9 family member?

The Short answer to this is No! Although lovely, any dogs could spook the horses and bulls making things very dangerous indeed, so unfortunately no dogs will be permitted in any areas of the event.